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Brentino - Pian di Festa

Starting point Brentino Canale Biffis cycle junction, 135 m.

Ending point Pian di Festa, 695 m.

Difficulty E

Distance 5729m

Average slope 7%

Maximum slope 40%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 107m\-673mm

Altitude min 135m

max 683m

Terrain types Asphalt road, dirt road

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The Val d’Adige hides unexpected treasures: one of these is the picturesque district in Pian di Festa (700m above sea level), a small group of old houses surrounded by greenery at the foot of Monte Baldo. The meadows of the past have given way in part to fences and mostly vineyards; the spring blooms on this plateau remain a sight to behold.

The plateau can be reached by a road, partly cemented and partly unpaved, which starts from Brentino. From the wash houses you go down the road to cross the Rio, going up the other side along the concrete road with several hairpin bends. The view over the Adige Valley is magnificent. In the highest area, you cross an interesting woodland formation with white hornbeam, quite rare on Monte Baldo. Continue on the dirt track road that leads to Pian di Festa. Here there are some old buildings and a monument that recalls an episode of the partisan war.

Taking a short detour to the right towards the balcony over the Val d’Adige, you can see interesting fortifications (trenches and caves) of the rear lines of the Great War. Immediately after locality Tese you return inland, arriving at a crossroads. Following the indications of n ° 656-657, take the road that leads to Passo della Crocetta and before that to Passo del Casello; proceeding to the right (n ° 656) you go down to Belluno Veronese.

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