Lavatoi a Brentino


Lungo il Canale Biffis

Il Forte di Rivoli

Brentino – Rivoli cycle path

Starting point Brentino cycle-path

Ending point Rivoli Veronese cycle-path crossroads

Difficulty T

Distance 10215m

Average slope 2%

Maximum slope 20%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 165m\-85mm

Altitude min 98m

max 193m

Terrain types Cycle-path, asphalt

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    Non gettare rifiuti

Beautiful cycle path along the Adige Valley, between the bends of the Adige River and the Biffis Canal. It is part of the Ciclopista del Sole.

From the typical village of Brentino (starting point for the Madonna della Corona), proceed through the vineyards, moving away or joining several times from the Adige and the Biffis Canal.

Fort San Marco can be seen on the right, high up on Mount Cordespino.

Continuing towards Rivoli, after the remains of the Tagliata Incanal fort, the most challenging stretches of the route begin, with 2 climbs leading to the Rivoli fort.

Before arriving at the Napoleonic Monument it is possible to make a detour to visit the Napoleonic Museum and the Museum of the First World War at the Wohlgemuth Fort on the rocky buttress of Rivoli.

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