Porto diCassone

Il presepio sul fiume Aril

Val di Sogno

Dal Castello di Malcesine verso nord

Ciclopedonale Cassone - Malcesine

Starting point Cassone. Museo del Lago, 66 m

Ending point Malcesine, porto turistico imbarco traghetti, 65 m

Difficulty T

Distance 4339m

Average slope 3%

Maximum slope 11%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 78m\-78mm

Altitude min 65m

max 87m

Terrain types Asfalto e cemento

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    Non gettare rifiuti

This magnificent cycle / pedestrian path runs parallel to the lake shore and deserves to be traveled in every season.

The slope is practically nil, with the exception of a small bump located about halfway, at Val di Sogno.

From the Cassone Lake Museum, proceed north, pass the inlet of Val di Sogno with the two islets and after about a kilometer you will come into view of the Castle of Malcesine with its village lying down to the shores of the lake.

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