Colma di Malcesine – Rifugio Telegrafo

Starting point Belvedere, 1736 m.

Ending point Rifugio Telegrafo, 2139 m.

Difficulty E

Distance 10374m

Average slope 11%

Maximum slope 40%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 484m\-913mm

Altitude min 1713m

max 2157m

Terrain types Path, mule track, ridge path, mule track

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    Non gettare rifiuti

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    Non raccogliere fiori

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    Abbigliamento adeguato

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    Non uscire dai sentieri segnalati

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    Fondo scivoloso

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Very long crest crossing, very well known and popular. It is certainly the most fascinating itinerary of Monte Baldo, and one of the most beautiful and panoramic crossings of the entire Prealps.

Reported with n. 651, connects the two main shelters of Monte Baldo, running constantly on the mountain ridge or in its immediate vicinity. Continuously overlooking both sides of Monte Baldo, on one side the deep canyon of the Adige valley and on the other Lake Garda, it is the itinerary that more than any other summarizes its landscape characteristics: the panoramic view, the he rocky and “dolomitic” environment of the major peaks, as well as the naturalistic, geomorphological and botanical aspects of the highest level of the mountain.

Of particular charm is the view of Lake Garda, deeply enclosed between beautiful mountain walls, an incredible image of a Scandinavian fjord in a Mediterranean environment. You walk for hours on the ridge, sometimes slender, accompanied by great views and all the peaks of the Baldense ridge between the two refuges can be climbed during the crossing or with short detours.

In addition to the two refuges at the beginning and end of the long crossing, the frequentation is also favored by the convenient intermediate landings: the Bocca di Navene Refuge, on the Graziani Road, and the mountain station of the Malcesine cable car, near Bocca Tratto Spino , about halfway through the crossing. In fact, the stretches of the ridge from the cable car station, the one towards the north up to the panoramic Colma di Malcesine and the one towards the south, equally easy and panoramic, up to Cima delle Pozzette are the most popular stretches of the crossing.

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