Il ponte tibetano di Crero

La Chiesetta di San Siro a Crero

Il ponte tibetano

Val Valzana

Salita Da Pai a San Zeno

Ricongiunzione dei sentieri a San Zeno

Discesa verso Crero

Val Valzana

Crero Ring

Starting point Pai, church

Ending point Pai, church

Difficulty E

Distance 6140m

Average slope 16%

Maximum slope 39%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 482m, -583mm

Altitude min 116m

max 525m

Terrain types Path, dirt road, asphalted road, paved mule track

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It starts from the eighteenth-century church of S. Siro in the small district of Crero.

Continue along the road to the north, level, up to a bend where there is a rest area equipped with benches and tables. Leave the road and follow the path that crosses meadows and woods until you reach Val Valzana.

The crossing of the deep valley is made with the Tibetan bridge, 35 meters long and suspended 42 meters over the Val Valzana.

From here continue along the marked path until you reach La Casetta on the paved road to Pai. Take trail 38 uphill along the paved mule track, at times still in good condition. Pass the Buco della Volpe, passing under the locality of Le Tese (527 m); before reaching the town of San Zeno di Montagna, leave trail 39 to take the downhill road.

Along the partly asphalted and partly cemented road, with trail marker 39, you go along the right side of Val Valzana (some impressive views) until you reach Crero.

The ring can also be traveled in the opposite direction; in this case the ascent takes place on the road, while the descent takes place on the path.

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