Le due pozze

Malga Zocchi

verso Malga Colonei di Pesina

Malga Colonei di Caprino

Parchegio sotto Malga Valfredda Crocetta

Malga Valfredda - Ccrocetta

Le Due Pozze - Malga Valfredda Crocetta

Starting point Car park at Le Due Pozze (1270 m)

Ending point Malga Valfredda Crocetta (1321 m)

Difficulty T

Distance 6468m

Average slope 6%

Maximum slope 28%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 230m\-269mm

Altitude min 1265m

max 1368m

Terrain types Dirt road, concrete

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    Non gettare rifiuti

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    Non raccogliere fiori

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    Scorta d'acqua e di cibo

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    Scarpe specifiche

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    Abbigliamento adeguato

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    Non uscire dai sentieri segnalati

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    Fondo dissestato

  • Rifugio\bivacco


From the Due Pozze car park, follow path 51 southwards (Dosso dei Cavalli); stretches of dirt and cemented sections alternate on what is the route of the aqueduct. After a short climb you arrive at Malga Zocchi, with a splendid view of the lake.

Continue in ups and downs along the road (now path 64), skirting a beautiful beech forest, until you turn the ridge side and join path 662; always continuing along the road, you come in sight of Malga Colonei di Pesina and its casara (now a shelter / bivouac managed by the Caprino associations). Leaving the buildings at the top, on the left, continue along the road (signs 64) with splendid views of the plain, the Lower Lake and the Lessinia Plateau. This leads to Malga Colonei di Caprino; in its proximity there is one of the launch areas for paragliding.

From this point the road is paved. It is reached after about 2 km Malga Valfredda – Crocetta, recently renovated, with parking. From here some paths start for the top of the Baldo (path “Lino Ottaviani” n.656) or to continue in the Valfredda pasture plain (spectacular crocus blooms in spring) until reaching Malga Valfredda di Dentro, from which it is possible to descend to Ferrara di Monte Baldo.

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