Malga Basiana

Malga Ime

parcheggio Malga Valfredda

Malga Valfredda Crocetta

Ferrara - Malga Ime - Malga Valfredda Crocetta

Starting point Ferrara di Monte Baldo, 822 m

Ending point Malga Valfredda Crocetta, 1321 m

Difficulty E

Distance 7115m

Average slope 9%

Maximum slope 36%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 574m\-84mm

Altitude min 822m

max 1321m

Terrain types Marked path, dirt road, footpath, asphalt road

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From the center of Ferrara di Monte Baldo go up following the path on the left bank of the stream up to almost Moie di Sopra (984 m), crossing the road that leads from the village of Campedel to Spiazzi.

Follow it to the left, passing under Dosso Struzzena, until you reach the Monte Baldo Memorial. It was built in 1982 by the ANCR to commemorate the fallen of all the wars born in the 98 municipalities of the province of Verona. In an amphitheater garden there are 98 white stone cippi with the name of the Veronese municipalities. In the center, a staircase leads to the altar and the flag raising. It does not accept corpses. An inscription on the ground, behind an iron cross, reads: THE VERONESE MUNICIPALITIES TO THEIR OWN FALLEN FOR THE COUNTRY

From here take the track that climbs to the right along Val Basiana which ends right at the Malga of the same name (1068m). We follow the asphalted road uphill to Malga Ime crossing a beautiful beech forest. Continue along the road, crossing the pastures of the malga and then re-entering the beech forest.

After a few bends, the road comes out into the clearings below Malga Val Fredda Crocetta (1321 m), the end point of the route. Here you can park and leave for various excursions.

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Malga Valfredda Crocetta

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