Ferrara di Monte Baldo - Pian di Festa - Belluno Veronese

Starting point Ferrara di Monte Baldo, 820 m

Ending point Belluno Veronese, 140 m

Difficulty E

Distance 7248m

Average slope 13%

Maximum slope 36%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 260m\-947mm

Altitude min 140m

max 987m

Terrain types Asphalt road, footpath, dirt road, footpath

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From the center of Ferrara di Monte Baldo go down to take the asphalted road (signs n ° 656) that goes up to Passo della Crocetta (990 m).

From here the dirt forest road descends (signs n ° 656) to the junction for Pian di Festa.

From the intersection 8690 m) continue to follow the 656 route. Pass by the Pozza del Lavaccio. With a sometimes demanding slope and several hairpin bends, you descend into the Ronzi Valley, where it becomes a cart track and reaches the center of Belluno Veronese.

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