Dopo Pai di Sopra

Cà Tronconi

Mulattiera verso Casale

Borgo di Biaza

Capitello Gainet verso Campo

Borgo di Campo

Fontana di Campo

Borgo di Venzo

Discesa verso Cassone

Pai - Cassone

Starting point Central Pai, 125 m

Ending point Cassone, Museo del Lago / Lake Museum, 66 m

Difficulty Suitable for everyone

Distance 11510m

Average slope 9%

Maximum slope 33%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 602m\-651mm

Altitude min 66m

max 236m

Terrain types Footpath, paved mule track, dirt road, asphalted road

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    Non raccogliere fiori

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    Fondo scivoloso

If there is a path in the Garda hinterland that is absolutely not to be missed, it is this panoramic itinerary on the Veronese side, along the ancient mule tracks that connect the small villages among the olive trees, at the foot of the lake side of Monte Baldo. It
was part of the ancient “Senteer de mess” that connected the various villages halfway up the coast when there was still no Garda road.

The route starts in Pai on trail no. 31, you pass the district of Cà Tronconi and proceed until you take the mule track that leads to the small suspended villages of Castelletto. Along this stretch there are some ancient votive capitals.

After Casale you arrive at the paved road that passes the villages of Biaza and Fasor; proceed on the mule track n. 31 towards the charming medieval village of Campo, descend to Magugnano, and then rise gently through the medieval villages of Boccino, Venzo, Castello and Zignago (paved road). After Zignago, at the bend, you leave the road to continue on the paved mule track n.31 towards Pozzo and Sommavilla. The descent leads to the town of Cassone with the Lake Museum.

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