Vista sul forte di Rivoli

Forte di Rivoli

Lungo il Canale Biffis

Arrivo alla Passerella Ciclopedonale sulla Sp11

Rivoli – Sega di Ala cycle/pedestrian path

Starting point Rivoli, Monumento napoleonico, 191 m

Ending point Ragano, 106 m

Difficulty T

Distance 7219m

Average slope 3%

Maximum slope 25%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 140m\-24mm

Altitude min 106m

max 228m

Terrain types Ciclopedonale, asfalto

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    Non gettare rifiuti

From the center of Rivoli Veronese continue southwards until you reach the junction with Strada della Rocca. We turn left, following the vertical signs of the cycle path. After a few meters on the right begins a section of dedicated cycle path. After a climb you reach a panoramic point on the Adige plain, the Rocca di Rivoli and the Wohlgemuth fort. We are in the area of Mount La Mesa, very interesting for its arid grasslands and wild orchids, as well as the site of wind turbines.

Continue downhill to the locality of Gajum (16th century Church of San Michele Arcangelo). Here the track winds alongside the Biffis Canal up to the footbridge over a wooden bridge that allows you to cross the busy Sp11. From here you can continue on the cycle path to Verona or descend along the SP11 to reach Sega di Cavaion.

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