Vista verso il Forte

salita dalla Strada militare

Vista sulla Val d'Adige

Discesa verso Lubiara

Ponte sul tasso a Porcino

Zuane - Forte San Marco - Lubiara - Pazzon

Starting point Osteria Zuane (Tavern), 185 m

Ending point Pazzon, 386 m

Difficulty T

Distance 7424m

Average slope 5%

Maximum slope 25%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 320m\-140mm

Altitude min 185m

max 442m

Terrain types Dirt road, footpath, paved road

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Path that offers sweeping views of the Adige valley, Monte Baldo and the hills that slope down to the lower lake.

From Osteria Zuane (185 m), located on the Sp11 road that descends into the Adige valley, take the old military road that climbs up to Fort San Marco (451 m) with more than 40 hairpin bends. Structure belonging to the Italian defense system, built at the end of the 19th century but never used. Continue north of the Fort, along the path under the crest of Monte Cordespino, from which many of the climbing routes on the Val d’Adige cliffs start.

Descend along the dirt road to the houses of the town of Lubiara; from here take the Gamberon and Porcino districts; crossing the Tasso torrent (if the flow conditions of the torrent allow it, it is possible to go up the riverbed and, having crossed a narrow canyon, go to see the Gorgo: a deep pot set between the high rocky walls of the canyon) a short stretch leads in the hamlet of Pazzon (Villa Cariola).

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