Lake Garda is known for its many opportunities for water sports, but
even the air has a lot to offer: Monte Baldo is a paradise for fans of
Those looking for a bit of adventure and adrenaline cannot
absolutely miss a paragliding flight along the slopes of Monte Baldo, in flight over the waters of Lake Garda.

Many fans of this discipline come here every year to experience this experience
truly unique immersed in the beautiful landscape.
The wind conditions, the ideal position and the unique view make Monte Baldo the ideal place to practice paragliding.


There are 2 main launch areas present:


Prati della Colma - Malcesine

Launch area are the vast meadows of the Colma di Malcesine overlooking the lake. The flight tackles an altitude difference of 1800 meters and offers unique perspectives and a splendid view of Lake Garda and its surroundings. Thanks to the updrafts, after take-off it is possible to climb up to three thousand meters of altitude, to then reach the landing (set up on a special pitch in Campagnola, north of Malcesine), after a series of glides and spiral ascents .


Malga Colonei di Caprino – Caprino Veronese

Another very popular launch area for enthusiasts is located in the meadows adjacent to Malga Colonei di Caprino, in the municipality of the same name. The flight area is the southern slope of Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. In this case the view sweeps across the varied landscape between the lake and the mountain and opens up into the beautiful setting of the charming villages of Costermano, San Zeno di Montagna and Caprino Veronese. To reach the launch point, take the road that from Loc. Spiazzi climbs towards the Memorial and from here to Malga Ime and then Malga Valfredda Crocetta; continue along the paved road until you reach the Malga Colonei di Caprino. Instead, there are several landing points.