Road cycling

Lake Garda and Monte Baldo are very varied territories that can be experienced by bike with different approaches: with the tranquility of a cyclist, to visit the villages along its banks or in the hinterland; with the adventurous spirit of the sports bike lover, among the countless paths in nature; or even with the competitive spirit of an amateur cyclist who likes to ride a racing bike, also facing some more or less difficult climbs.

Lake Garda is one of the most popular destinations for bikers from all over the world. From racing bikes to the most extreme downhill, Lake Garda never disappoints. The itineraries are many and varied, there is something for all levels and for all tastes; if we then add the thrilling glimpses of the lake to the outline, every bike ride becomes nothing short of unique.

There are several cycle paths where even children can have fun in safety and

We find them by the lake, in the Adige Valley and scattered along the hills, within everyone’s reach and for all tastes.

Those who want to struggle and pedal uphill are soon satisfied and there is certainly no shortage of more challenging routes with great gradients and technical descents for the most extreme bikers.

Among these we must certainly mention that of Punta Veleno, one of the most terrible climbs in Italy.