Monte Baldo is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a trekking route on Lake Garda.

Divided between Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto, this mountain is very popular with hikers and tourists in general, for the wide variety of trails it offers and for the magnificent views that can be enjoyed from its top.

Moreover, Monte Baldo is known for its exceptional floristic and faunal richness due on the one hand to the presence of rare and endemic species, but also to the remarkable altitude range that determines the succession of very different environments. The great biological diversity of Monte Baldo is flanked by other aspects of considerable interest; these are landscape, historical and socio-anthropological aspects that make the entire area absolutely unique in the European context.

Here we can find more than 1150 km of hiking trails practicable on the entire range.

In general, the difficulty of the routes is easy or medium, but there are also some marked as medium / difficult, therefore suitable for a more experienced hiker.

Many, then, are in the classic “ring” configuration, therefore with departure and return at the same point, and almost all of them are marked as panoramic, ideal for those who, in addition to walking, also want to enjoy photographic shots of these places in any period of the year.