Fontana Coperta

The western slope of Mount Baldo is extremely poor in surface water and important springs are few. This is caused by the fact that the rock layers lay parallel to the slope, and by karst phenomena, such as infiltration and groundwater flow, which are brought forth by the composition of the limestone rock. However, in the area between 200 and 600 meters of altitude there are many springs with limited and intermittent flow.

In the past these small springs were a vital source of water for temporary summer settlements, but also for those living in very remote districts. All around these precious springs people built fountains of different sizes, with small tamks to collect enough water for periods of draught.

Fontana Coperta is one of the most beautiful examples of this. It consists of a closed tunnel with a vaulted ceiling, which allows the flow and collection of water that gushes forth from a spout into a red stone tank.

The fountain is embellished by a small vaulted chamber covering the tank, with a gable roof consisting of large stone slabs.

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