The origins of Mount Baldo and Lake Garda

Mount Baldo is composed prevelantly of carbonate sedimentary rocks formed in marine waters, in particular li mestones and dolomites created millions of years ago. These rocks rose due to tectonic forces from the Prealpi Bresciane side, pushing towards East and from the Lessini Mounts, pushing towards West. While Baldo Mount rises, the deep tectonic basin of Lake Garda deepens.

During the last glaciation, Mount Baldo was surrounded by the Garda and Adige glacial tongues that spreading south formed the morainic amphitheater of Garda and Rivoli.

The thickness of the ice varied from 1100 m, close to Riva and to 500 m in the area of Punta San Vigilio.

It is interesting to note the widespread presence of cirques on the peak of Mount Baldo

The Benaco Area 20,000 years ago

The Benaco Area today

Karst Phenomena On The Earth’s Surface
The Adige River Valley
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