Mountain biking

Monte Baldo is considered by many to be a mountain bike paradise, so much so that it has earned an international reputation and attracted visitors from all over Europe.From nearby Lake Garda, as well as from the towns overlooking the Adige valley, a maze of itineraries unfolds, by mtb or on asphalt, to discover the nature and history of the Hortus Europae, a name deserved by Baldo for the richness and variety of its flora.From racing bikes to the most extreme downhill, Lake Garda never disappoints. The itineraries are many and varied, there is something for all levels and for all tastes.Those who want to struggle and pedal uphill will soon be satisfied and there is certainly no shortage of more challenging routes with great gradients and technical descents for the most extreme bikers. At high altitude, challenging downhill, freeride or enduro trails are waiting for you, suitable for those with good training and riding technique.Other easier routes start from Monte Baldo and lead up to the lakeshore, bypassing the mountain range.The creation of the network of paths involves the use of grassy paths, ancient paved mule tracks and existing forest tracks.n fact, the area is already characterized by strong pressure from bikers who see in the splendid panoramas of the landscape and slopes characterized by considerable slopes a notable source of attraction; the very presence of the Malcesine cable car favors the continuous influx of MTBs for periods ranging from early spring to late autumn. The system of routes extends over a vast territory on both sides of the Baldo (although mainly on the Garda side), from the belt close to the lake shore, in the belt of olive groves alternating with sections from heat-loving tree formations to woodland vegetation in altitude and the rocky vegetation of the peaks of Monte Baldo.