Panorama di Torri

Panoramica del percorso

Tipico muro a secco

Torri del Benaco

lavatoio a Loncrino

Strada per Coi


Arrivo al borgo di Crero

Incisione rupestre sotto il Monte Luppia

Arrivo del sentiero al punto di partenza

Torri del Benaco Ring

Starting point Path n. 41 at Monte Pomo

Ending point Path n. 41 at Monte Pomo

Difficulty E

Distance 16640m

Average slope 5%

Maximum slope 24%

Uphill \ descent difference in height 300m\260mm

Altitude min 122m

max 494m

Terrain types Footpath, paved mule track, dirt road, asphalted road

  • Non gettare rifiuti

    Non gettare rifiuti

  • Non raccogliere fiori

    Non raccogliere fiori

  • Scorta d'acqua e di cibo

    Scorta d'acqua e di cibo

  • Fondo scivoloso

    Fondo scivoloso

This spectacular ring can be walked in both directions.

The start is located in the valley between Monte Bre and Monte Pomo, just north of Punta San Vigilio (trail sign no. 41). The itinerary, which takes up a whole day, crosses the coast, with gentle ups and downs among the olive groves, of Torri and the districts of Loncrino and Coi up to the typical village of Crero.

For the return you can go up towards San Zeno di Montagna, continue towards Albisano (splendid balcony over the lake) and proceed towards the Sorte, under Monte Luppia, descending to the starting point. Along the descent, west of Mount Are, you can see the rock engravings, in what must have been a place of worship in ancient times.

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